About Us

The Name
MazeCity got its name from the great manga, GetBackers: Dakkan’ya by Ayamine Rando and Aoki Yuuya. “Mugenjou,” or as Animax dubbed it, “Maze City” is the fictional locale in the world of the GetBackers manga series, and the anime based upon it. One must, at least, watch the anime to grasp the beauty and mystery behind this place. And one would know how our “MazeCity” fits in it.

The Personal Story
This story is about sharing a connection by individuals not meant to come across if not by destiny. From different walks of life, different aged persons established this connection for something so inspiring that they could not help meeting each other and become friends for life. Anime – the Japanese style of animation – was the purveyor of this inspiration and being the young-in-heart, they were in love with the storytelling, the edifying principles, the protagonists and above everything– the exemplary on-screen friendship that captivated them. So from Dhaka, Mohammad Moinul Islam Monty became the torchbearer of a group soon to be called “teamOtaku,” the team of nuts (for anime); and he met Nur-E-Elahi Shonchoy. It was January 2006. At the same time, over internet forums, Shonchoy met Mahmud Shuvra from Chittagong. He then introduced Shuvra to Monty and a nationwide friendship among the three was born. The fourth comrade, Akib Jonayeed joined the group and brought in Shahidul Islam Wasio. Finally, Toufik Jamal appeared and the original teamOtaku was complete. They thought about bringing together all the anime-enthusiasts of Bangladesh in a platform that provides camaraderie and cosiness to them and a freedom from the doubt that they are not alone. teamOtaku website went online in the same year, and the forum came out in 2007. With more than thirty-nine thousand posts in our forum, teamOtaku decided to move to a dedicated server in 2008. However, for a while, it was felt that the name, the moniker– teamOtaku is not inclusive and the part about “otaku” is not what the founders wanted to mean in the first place. So a new name was selected that would cater to the founders’ realization and representation, and that was “MazeCity.” MazeCity was the first anime community in Bangladesh. Their calling was heard by countless Bangladeshi anime-enthusiasts, and the fan base were ever so growing.

The Mission
MazeCity at present has more than fifty-thousand members in their Facebook page. And it is now a registered nonprofit organization that houses the biggest anime community in Bangladesh. This community consists of Bangladeshi people of all ages who are either into anime for its sheer originality or are comics-artists or animators or just avid watchers. MazeCity has met a lot of distinguished people as well as organizations along the way and collaborated in other endeavors to spread the love of anime over the years. MazeCity was able to fulfill its earliest dream– uniting Bangladeshi anime-enthusiasts, and now has new dreams to look up to, to make animesque or original animation in Bangladesh that demonstrates the anime spirit, to bring in aficionados from all over the world, to invite mangaka and seiyuu and so on.