MazeCon stands for “MazeCity Convention.” It is stylized à la MazeCity: MazeCon.

Organizing a convention was something that MazeCity had in the pipeline since its inception. It was never attempted in Bangladesh before. We were already holding real-life meetings that the followers seemed to grow very fond of. There were anime quiz contests, art competitions and fundraisers for MazeCity branded t-shirts. Eventually the first anime convention (or any convention in Bangladesh, for that matter), MazeCon came into being in the winter of 2011. We organized the first anime cosplay (costume play) event in Bangladesh. Many a fan came looking like their favorite characters as the show unraveled. Perhaps MazeCon paved the way for other organizers to come forward and do their own thing, which really happened afterward. MazeCon 1 was endorsed by maestro cartoonist, publisher and editor of Unmad– Ahsan Habib, and he was very happy about it, “I was fortunate to attend the first edition of MazeCon. It was a very interesting experience. I felt younger just by being with them.”

The second edition of MazeCon, MazeCon 2, was again graced by Ahsan Habib and for the first time, cartoonist Sharier Khan, creator of the famous cartoon-strip Basic Ali (and Babu), attended the convention. He shared about his affection for Japanese manga (comics) and animation. He cited that one of his most favorite characters was Son Gokuu (created by Akira Toriyama). We were also honored by the presence of the then Attaché for Culture and Cooperation of the Embassy of France in Bangladesh– Mr. Arnaud Loizeau.

In 2014, MazeCity organized the third edition of MazeCon with aplomb. A panel was coordinated for the first time in conventions in Bangladesh and it featured Ahsan Habib, Mehedi Haque, Nasrin Sultana Mitu, Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy et al. The team behind the Bangladeshi short animation film, Halka (2010) attended the convention. The daylong event comprised various activities like panels, contests, exhibition of artworks, games such as Kingyo-sukui (goldfish scooping) and karaoke. There was also cake at the end.

We have published, so far, two publications for MazeCon 2 and 3. You can have a look at them here.