Our History

“Stories grow by accretion, tales accumulate — like dust,” wrote Asimov. Our history is still being written; for what we have accumulated so far, scroll down!

Music in the air

January 18, 2006

Mohammad Moinul Islam Monty and Nur-E-Elahi Shonchoy met at Shimanto Square (then Rifles Square).

Over the airwaves

March 9, 2006

Mahmud Shuvra from Chittagong wrote to Anirudh Kaushik in Chennai, who in turn introduced him to Nur-E-Elahi Shonchoy. Nur-E-Elahi Shonchoy gave Mahmud Shuvra the contact of Mohammad Moinul …

Then there were three

March 19, 2006

Mohammad Moinul Islam Monty and Mahmud Shuvra met at Shimanto Square (then Rifles Square). With Nur-E-Elahi Shonchoy, the three created teamOtaku.

At Kallu’s

April 15, 2006

Mohammad Moinul Islam Monty met Akib Jonayeed at Eastern Plaza.

The first site

December 14, 2006

teamOtaku got a free domain from SiteSled.com (now defunct), brandishing an artwork from Appleseed on its header.

The lanky guy

January 30, 2007

Shahidul Islam Wasio met Mohammad Moinul Islam Monty in Dhanmondi.

Foruming starts

February 6, 2007

teamOtaku opened a message board in Forum5 (now defunct). The old forum can be viewed through the Wayback Machine here.

The gentleman ninja

March 10, 2007

The forum thrived! One of the most prominent members, Toufik Jamal, was the big brother teamOtaku needed to complete the lineup. Mahmud Shuvra went and met Toufik Jamal …

The first meeting

July 27, 2007

A handful of dedicated members gathered at Shimanto Square (then Rifles Square). The guards there somehow knew an uprising was on the horizon that would change the Bangladeshi …

The new callsign

March 21, 2008

teamOtaku chose a new name, just because. MazeCity was born.

Our precious site

March 22, 2008

mazecity.net came into being…our own site—hosted and curated by ourselves—opened its homepage to the whole world!

Taking Facebook by storm

January 6, 2009

MazeCity got its Facebook group page.

MazeCon 1

December 25, 2011

The first anime convention in Bangladesh was conceived and organized by MazeCity. “MazeCon,” quite unexpectedly, saw hundreds of anime fans from all over Bangladesh attending its small arrangement.

MazeCity matsuri

June 30, 2012

Following the spirit of Japanese festival, matsuri, the first MazeCity Summer Party was organized.

MazeCon 2

March 26, 2013

MazeCon 2 had everything: countless anime fans from Bangladesh and abroad, cosplayers pouring their hearts out, karaoke singers with bleeding vocals, a giant cake for foodies…see? Everything!

MazeCon 3

December 25, 2014

MazeCon 3 put up the first panel in any conventions in Bangladesh, maestro cartoonists answered questions from budding artists, animators and anime lovers who want to try their …