A Veteran’s Wish for the Morrow


Everyone gets older. You find yourself listening over the radio less and less. MTV? AXN? They are corny. There’s a gray hair and a wrinkle. A lot of things happen in your late twenties/early thirties. Your priorities change. A lot of folks are married and looking forward to becoming home owners. Others have achieved that and are on their way to become parents. They leave the things they loved in their youth behind. Midlife crisis slowly but inevitably catches up.

As I approach 27, I’ve become kind of nostalgic. Unlike many around my ages who are anime fans, I never left fandom. I can draw a straight line from the time I broke down when Setsuko died in Grave of the Fireflies to today. I was the anime pilgrim in my university. I started the anime fandom craze there by spreading anime all over the campus. I got many people hooked on One Piece, even though they were the skeptic at first.

Then after graduation I got involved in organizing anime convention. All along I had the most supportive backup from the best anime community in Bangladesh, “MazeCity.” I have met a lot of friends.

Recently, the bloom has come off of the rose. I haven’t found any anime that really appealed to me. The last new release that I liked was Daily Lives of High School Boys. Has fandom passed me by? Have I outgrown the thing that I loved for more than a decade?

Once I put some thought into it, it becomes clear to me. Recently there hasn’t been any quality anime released that could match the awesomeness of Pokémon or DBZ. Like many fans of my generation, I started my journey with Pokémon. Well, Rurouni Kenshin was there too, but Pokémon was the biggest thing to happen during that time. After that One Piece, Naruto and Bleach made a huge impact on the current generation of anime fans. However, after that, the anime industry has gone into a slump. That’s why I have started to focus more on manga nowadays. Hopefully, once they decide to ditch “fan service only” ecchi genre anime and adapt more quality manga like Berserk, Gantz back into anime again, we, the faithful fans will have our faith in anime restored.

Nazmul Hasan