My Anime Journey


My anime journey began with Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan) that used to be broadcast on BTV back in 1998. I was totally engrossed in it and was transported to the realm of anime every time I would watch it. I was so absorbed by the beauty of this anime that being an imaginative child, many a time I used to fantasize about myself as the protagonist– Kenshin. The character designs, the artwork and fluid animation– all of this made me fall in love with anime from an age of five or six. A year or two later, Cartoon Network introduced me to some new anime such as Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z, both of which are very dear to me, and I cherish those memories to this day.

Back then I did not know many people who used to watch anime. In fact, it was just a close friend of mine– Akif and another friend called Rashed, whom I knew to be fans of anime. Other than that I did not know anyone who shared an enthusiasm for anime in Bangladesh. Subsequently, in 2011, when Akif told me that there was a forum in Bangladesh called MazeCity, which is a forum about anime and that there was a whole community full of anime lovers like us, I was beyond myself! I was so happy to know that others existed in my country who shared the same passion and love for anime as I do. So I joined the forum, the first thing that I noticed was the tag line– you are not alone, and this essentially changed everything for me. I deeply bonded with the community and its members; the meetings, the events and then just about everything! I wanted to do everything I possibly could do for MazeCity and spread the community throughout the country to even more like-minded friends-to-be. Now we are a voice of around fifty thousand members, fifty thousand anime lovers who can say that they are not alone. Anyone in Bangladesh who loves anime has a place where they belong and can share their passion for anime, and that place is MazeCity. To be a part of MazeCity and spreading the love, it is my greatest pleasure. I am proud and honored. Arigatou, mata ne!

Afnan Chowdhury