Escape from the Materiality


The first time I came across the term “anime” was when I was in Yokohama, Japan. Back in those days, they used to broadcast anime from morning until evening on various channels. Being the only child of working parents at the age of 5, it could have made my life somewhat difficult in a country like Japan if I did not have anime. According to my parents, I was a good kid, and I used to stay busy watching anime all the time. I would have my meals punctually, and I could speak Japanese, thanks to anime they did not have to worry much about me.

My first anime was Super Fishing Grander Musashi followed by Doraemon and Akihabara Dennou-gumi. When I went to Dubai, UAE, I watched Digimon and Slam Dunk, which were, very funnily, dubbed in Arabic! To be perfectly honest, I have been in love with anime for more than 16 years now, but I am not at all obsessed with it. Anime to me is a way to escape from the materiality or just a reason to forget my low spirits or a way to relieve my stress or to cheer up.

In 2007, after I got back to Bangladesh, I met Brishti Apu (Lightrain) on Hi5, and then I met Ahelee. They were the ones who convinced me to join teamOtaku (now MazeCity) forum. Since then I have never looked back. The girl who had difficulties adjusting here in Bangladesh was nowhere to be found. I discovered a whole new family and a world, all thanks to MazeCity. I could feel that I am not alone with this rather wayward pursuit, and I have kindred souls in my life who accept me the way I am. I could talk to them for hours about everything, and they would never judge me. What motivates me to work hard for this community is the unconditional love and warmth I am being bestowed upon by MazeCity for the last seven years regardless of all the ups and downs we have encountered so far. I am proud and honored to be called a MazeCitizen. To me, it is of immense pleasure that I am one of those very few people who were with the community since the very start. Minna, hontou ni arigato ne!

Sarah Mehnaz